Dr. Hongyin Ji
Dr. Ji has been practicing medicine for over 40 years. He invented the highly effective pharmaceutical composition for the treatment of kidney disease, and has successfully treated several thousand kidney patients including a small number of international patients. Dr. Ji founded Yikang Hospital and Tianjin Renji Hospital, both focusing on the treatment of kidney disease. 

Founding Doctors

Dr. Wei Ji

Dr. Ji has been practicing medicine in the last decade under the guidance of Dr. Hongyin Ji focusing on the treatment of kidney disease.  He has treated many paitents successfully with our pharmaceutical composition.  Dr. Ji also made significant contributions to the improvement of the pharmaceutical composition. He is the head of Yikang Hospital and Tianjin Renji Hospital.  Dr. Ji has a B.S. degree in Chinese Medicine from Beijing Chinese Medicine University and is pursuing a graduate degree in Tianjin Chinese Medicine University.