FAQs About the Treatment

1.    Dosage form and administration
The medicine is compounded into round shaped pills. The recommended dose is three times per day, and 12 g per administration.

2.    Response time
In general, patients need 1 to 3 months to show improvement in kidney function as shown by serum creatinine and protein in urine levels.

3.    How long do patients need to be on the medicine?
Patients need to be treated for 1 to 3 years to fully recover from kidney disease or achieve a stable kidney function level. There are some patients who have taken the medicine for over 5 years and successfully maintained sufficient kidney function to avoid dialysis.

4.    Relapse
Relapse is very rare. There are a few instances in which patients, after a successful treatment, suffered kidney disease again due to other medical problems. Generally a second course of treatment would be sufficient to stop the loss of kidney function.

5.    Dietary restrictions
Avoid plant protein or soy-based protein, and food high in phosphorous (e.g., certain type of cheese, salmon). The daily protein intake should be limited to 0.6-0.8g/Kg. 

6.    Other medicines

Kidney patients commonly have diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart problems.  The patients should continue medication for these conditions while being treated by our pharmaceutical composition.  Our composition is safe and does not have undesirable interaction with other medicines.