International Patients Can Visit Our Hospital in Person or Online

In Person Hospital Visit
International patients can visit Renji for consultation and treatment. The visit generally lasts no more than a day and includes initial consultation, blood and urine tests, and recommendation for treatment. We generally prescribe a two-month supply. The patient would not need to visit our hospital again during the treatment course. We compound the pharmaceutical composition in our hospital. Patients can contact our U.S. reprenstative office in New York for any non-medical questions. 

Online Consultation and Treatment
Foreign patients can receive the treatment online. The patient should send all prior medical records and test results electronically to Renji. We will arrange for telephone or video conference consultation. If the patient is suitable for the treatment, we will arrange to ship three months supply to the patient upon full payment. The patient should confirm that such treatment does not violate any local laws or regulations.  Certain countries, e.g., the United States, permit importing foreign pharmaceuticals under certain circumstances.